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 Two weeks until the end of SC first term!

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PostSubject: Two weeks until the end of SC first term!   Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:33 pm

Steering Committee: First term (2008-04-05 to 2008-07-05)

So, it's almost over - 3 months of the first DDB SC. The site activity peaked right before we were formed, and we're now pretty quiet. We had some proposed actions to complete, and sort of reached some agreements. Sort of. We formed sub-committees, and some more focused discussions happened. And then we slowed down.

We lost our energy, but it's not a ghost town - people still log in, some still post, we're still looking ahead to something happening. What should we do? It's summer time (for those of us in the norther hemisphere =), and some folks are out of school. Some might have more free time, others might have less.

We can make progress.

I've been searching for coders, because I can't code. There have been many discussions about how to form the site, but we still haven't pulled into any blue prints for any possible coders who jump in with plans to go. Should we work on that first?

Or should we focus on cleaning our heads, coming back to see what we have, and where we want to go still? We don't really have a time-table for anything, even a generalized one, something to provide us with a sequence of events to complete.

hmvh made a sprawling web of posts, and I'll admit I was really daunted by just the thought of reading it all (sorry mate, I think I was busy at the time .. I'll read it through this weekend =)

And now I realize this post, too, is scattered. But instead of editing it, I'll throw it out there for discussion. My drive to action came thanks to a forum member looking for any research to do, even though he doesn't know how to code - we have a wealth of people, I think we can do a lot if we have solid goals.

~ fin
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PostSubject: Re: Two weeks until the end of SC first term!   Sat Jun 21, 2008 2:36 am

After the term is completed, I think we have two options:

- disband the SC and SSCs (and the entire concept, because I don't see ourselves holding new elections soon), because not many members seem to be still active (whether or not the SC/SSC forums should be made open for everyone to post would be a following discussion)
- continue with the current SC and SSCs.

Or are there are other options I may have forgotten?
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PostSubject: Re: Two weeks until the end of SC first term!   Sat Jun 21, 2008 5:24 pm

What I think we should do is declare anyone who is still active in this forum a co-founder of the new site and each person assigned a task. One thing this quiet period has shown is which members are the dedicated ones. In that respect it could be a good thing that the forum has died a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: Two weeks until the end of SC first term!   

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Two weeks until the end of SC first term!
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