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 DDB August-September Newsletter

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PostSubject: DDB August-September Newsletter   DDB August-September Newsletter Icon_minitimeFri Sep 26, 2008 2:18 pm

Credit for the entire newsletter goes to corne_mo. Many thanks Corné!

DDB August-September Newsletter

In this newsletter:
- Development progess
- Database structure
- Master release solution
- Generic artist names
- Group members
- Extra developers needed
- Greets

Dear DiscographyDB members,

after a long time we finally have the latest newsletter for you.
As you may have noticed it's really quiet in the forums the last couple of weeks and the weekly chat is visited by only a couple of members and not even every week. And that is one of the reasons it took us some time to come up with a new newsletter.
Don't forget: DiscographyDB is an open-source project that needs the input of as many people as possible, so it also needs your input !

That being said we want to bring the following points to your attention:

Development progress
As you can see the DiscographyDB preview site hasn't changed in a while. This however doesn't mean there is no progress in the development of the database and it's interface.
A small group of (amateur)-programmers is working hard behind the scenes. They have extended the database so it can handle more features. The problem is that the database has extended so much that the current interface displayed on the preview site can't handle the new options implemented. As soon as we can show you any new features we will copy the development database from behind the scenes to the preview site. And of course we will announce that in the forums and in a newsletter. Technical comments (bugs/security hacks etc) on the preview site can still be posted in this forum topic.

Database structure
As said above the database has extended to a v0.2 version and of course that setup can be discussed in the forums. Schneckl has done a great job extending the database and its features. Please take some time to check the documents attached in the forum topic and reply with your ideas and comments.

Master release solution
Masakari made (once again) a nice layout proposal for the Master Release function based on hmvh's master release proposal from a while ago. The layout proposal can be found in this forum topic. We think it's a nice idea, but the majority has to decide. So please post your ideas and comments on the MR proposal.

Generic artist names/non-specific artist names
Should generic artist names be linked or not. Artist names like John, Angel, Traditional and such result in a very long list of possible candidates and sometimes in a very long artist page. The question was raised if we should make these kind of names linked or not. The discussion can be found here. A some kind of discussion can be found on non-specific groups: forum topic.

Group members
The way we used to add group members sometimes lead to a lot of unnecessary extra updates. A topic was started on how this could be done better. Please check it out in this topic and give your ideas.

Extra developers needed
Currently a very small group of amateur programmers are working on DdB. Especially for the more difficult parts like the submission form and the search engine we need more experienced and/or professional programmers who can help us with the further development of DiscographyDB. If you are interested in helping us, or if you know someone else who is, please contact one of the managers. We don't expect you to promise anything. Every hour you can put in this project would be one step forward.

Well, that's it for now. Please keep visiting and contributing to our forum and don't forget the weekly saturday chat at 16:00 CET. And if you live somewhere where 16:00 CET is in the middle of the night; Please let us know and maybe we can arrange some chats at different times.

Thanks for reading and please keep contributing to DiscographyDB.

The Managers.
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DDB August-September Newsletter
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