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 DDB Mid-July Newsletter

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PostSubject: DDB Mid-July Newsletter   DDB Mid-July Newsletter Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 7:14 pm

DiscographyDB Mid-July Newsletter

In this newsletter:
- Masakaris release page layout proposal
- Schneckls Database setup
- General layout
- Submission process
- Submission history
- ANV distinctions
- Anti-releases
- Artist, Alias or ANV
- Release and track titles
- User adjustable layout
- Page URLs, numbers or names
- Artist name displaying

At the moment the first steps are taken to come to a beta version of DDB. A couple of people are working on the database design and on the interface design. In the mean time a lot of questions rose for which a couple of different topics and polls are opened in the forums.

In this newsletter we want to ask you to read, reply and vote in these topics cause DDB needs the input from the community to make the site fit the (feature) users wishes best.

Currently the following topics should be discussed in much detail:

Masakaris release page layout proposal
Masakari made a release page layout proposal. Currently only available in a couple of jpg images, but it gives a good idea of how a release page could look like. Do you think all information you want to see can be handled on this page? Do you have suggestions about the layout, working with tabs etc?

Schneckls Database setup
A first database setup is made. It's not completely finished as can be read in the topic, but very interesting to look at, and not only for the few with coding experience. Just look at the tables and see if you think all the needed information can be stored somewhere. If you have any DB-building knowledge and/or experience you can of course also advice on DB structure itself.

General layout
This will also be the place to view the (slow) progress made to the database and interface. Everyone can check this regularly. Please report any bugs/safety hacks and the like to corne_mo.

Submission process
How should the submission process be? A first idea is given in this thread and of course all your ideas are welcome. What's most important: How do you want the submission process to be?

Submission history
Maybe one of the more difficult parts of the database will be the submission history. What information should be saved and how should the interface be able to display this information. What is important for information checking for both submitters, moderators as well as the average user that just wants to know why some information was added to a release?

ANV distinctions
Which kind of differences are an ANV and what should be regulated by the RSG? Should we allow all different typos, forgotten spaces, ' instead of " as ANVs? Or should we have some stricter rules about this? And how should the ANVs and their respective releases be displayed on for example an artist page?

How to handle anti-releases. Items that look like a normal music release, but have no content or just some content not related to music as we know it.

Artist, Alias or ANV
Distinction between artist, alias and ANV. Do we want to use these ogs distinctions? Do we want to work with a completely new system? Pros and cons of different ideas.

Release and track titles
How to handle untitled and self-titled releases and tracks?

User adjustable layout
Should each user be able to set his own set of colours, font styles, table layouts and stuff? Would you use such an option, is it important for you and if so, what are the most critical items for you that you want to be able to adjust yourself?

Page URLs, numbers or names
A more technical topic. Should we have urls like "discographydb.com/artist/artistname" like discogs or "discographydb.com/artist/123456" like IMDB? What would be useful for you?

Artist name displaying
How do you want an artist name to be displayed in different areas of the site? Often discussed on ogs for example The Group vs. Group, The vs. La Groupe. And do you want to see index numbers, or something else to distinguish different artists with the same name?

We understand these are a lot of topics we point you to at the moment. Some you'll find more interesting and important as others, but please try to visit and comment in as much as possible. That will be the only way to create a real community built musical database.

We also invite you to our weekly chatsessions, in which new ideas are being discussed. A list of past and future meetings is available here: https://discogs.actieforum.com/12-organisation-f25/chatsession-calendar-points-to-discuss-t319.htm

Have a nice day,
The managment.

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PostSubject: Re: DDB Mid-July Newsletter   DDB Mid-July Newsletter Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 8:04 pm

Thanks for posting this overview!
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PostSubject: Re: DDB Mid-July Newsletter   DDB Mid-July Newsletter Icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2008 11:04 pm

looks interesting, the project seems to be on the right way
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PostSubject: Re: DDB Mid-July Newsletter   DDB Mid-July Newsletter Icon_minitime

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DDB Mid-July Newsletter
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